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See How ClearLeap can Use Infusionsoft to Solve the Top 3 Challenges for Growing Businesses.

48% of SMEs don’t know whether they are marketing effectively.

Do you have an effective Digital Strategy?

  • You need an effective strategy to grow sales and keep competitors away.
  • Your digital strategy must be aligned with your next phase of growth.
  • Clear metrics and reporting are key to understanding what works and what doesn’t.
  • Growing businesses need a multi-channel approach integrated into a central hub.

Integrated Strategy for an Integrated Platform

Tailored Campaigns

We design and implement automated campaigns to test and learn which approach works for your business.

Data Driven Decisions

We love data.  And the best marketing decisions are data driven.  We leverage Infusionsoft’s reporting capabilities to plan for your next phase with the right reports and dashboards for your business.

Show Me How

See how to implement an Effective Marketing Strategy

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“Chasing up all my leads takes too much time and is very hit and miss.”

Are you getting the right leads into your funnel?

  • Getting and converting leads is a lot of work without the right tool.
  • But it is essential to follow up regularly, and work your leads down your sales pipeline into paying customers. 
  • And it’s not just about how many, but getting the right leads.
  • Most SMEs don’t have the time or the expertise.

Let automation zero in on your target market

Segment Your Leads

Intelligently segment your leads based on their behaviour such as website activity, clicks from email campaigns and other interactions.

Follow up with the Hottest Leads

Use a ClearLeap created campaign and workflow to trigger actions and make targeted offers to the hottest leads, increasing your conversion rates.

Show Me How

See How to Zero In on Your Target Market.

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CRMs return on average $8 for every $1 spent .Yet only 20% of SMEs use a CRM.

Do you have the right tools for the job?

  • Most SMEs have unwieldy solutions made from many components.
  • Juggling spreadsheets and tools from different companies is hard work.
  • Choosing the right platform for your business is time consuming.
  • Taking the DIY approach to a new platform is risky.

Get it Right First Time

Your Goals, Your Growth

We design and implement a solution tailored to your needs.  Our Accelerator Program takes your goals and ROI needs into account form the outset.

Setup and Integration Simplified

We aren’t just experts at Infusionsoft, we are Software specialists.  We setup and migrate your data and integrate with other systems as required.

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See how to get it Right First Time

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Kickstart your Infusionsoft Journey with ClearLeap.
Expert Services Tailored to Your Business.


Growth Strategy

Tailored Strategy to meet your growth goals.  We analyse your needs and expertly design a strategy that will work for you.


Action Plan

A step by step marketing automation plan with milestones to reach your next phase of growth.


Key Campaigns

Get expertly designed automation campaigns to leverage the full capability of Infusionsoft.


Vital Metrics

Setup key measurement of metrics and reporting within the app so you can see your progress.


Coaching and Training

We don’t just setup the app, we make sure your staff understand the basics and get the most out of it.


Integration and Import

We bring in your data from existing systems and integrate with apps as required.

Growing A Business is Hard Work.
ClearLeap and Infusionsoft do the Heavy Lifting For You.

Onboarding Services starting at $1,250.

And if you already have Infusionsoft and would like help, get in touch.

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Learn how ClearLeap’s tailored services get the most out of Infusionsoft to grow your business and save you time.

Our tailored 30 minute demos work through core aspects of the app as well as any features and questions that interest you.

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Small Business Marketing Trends

See how marketing automation is reshaping how SMEs do business.

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